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Contains Allergens:

Unit Portion: 8 oz.
Pack: 4
Case Pack: 6
Net Case Wt: 12 lbs.
STORE FROZEN (0° or below)
Shelf Life: 365

Bacon Wrapped Turkey Breast with Classic Bread and Cranberry Stuffing, 8 oz Entrée

SKU: 1507TD1624
UPC: 10816545021601
Sysco Imperial SUPC: 5273467

Turkey Breast with Classic Bread & Cranberry Stuffing, Wrapped in Bacon

This product gives you a premium and creative center plate with a higher profit margin. Our Bacon Wrapped Turkey Breast is handmade with unenhanced, whole muscle turkey and various delicious stuffings.

Flavor profile

  • Turkey Breast, Bacon, Classic Bread & Cranberry Stuffing
  • Sweet and savory

Offer more for less

Our products provide a unique and fancy Entrée while saving you time, labor and inventory expense.

How we make it and the labor we save you

  • Butcher-block quality turkey breast is sourced – Never enhanced or tenderized
  • Stuffing ingredients are prepared
  • Breast is hand cut to remove rib meat, size and create a pocket for stuffing
  • Stuffing is placed in the turkey by hand
  • Two complete strips of bacon are hand wrapped around the turkey breast
  • Hand finished with seasoning
  • Vacuum packed in 400° film and frozen

Customize character with your cooking methods

Genuine turkey allows for a full range creative cooking options and combinations.

  • Smoke – Start from raw and let the turkey, bacon and stuffing soak up your favorite smoke
  • Barbecue – Start from raw and slow cook over your favorite hardwood
  • Grill – Start from raw or precooked to achieve flame licked crispy bacon
  • Fry – Start from precooked and sizzle to perfection on a griddle
  • Bake – Start from raw for easy and delicious oven baked Entrées
  • Broil – Start from precooked for a crispier, well done bacon
  • Sous Vide – A great method to precook and finish with one of the above methods

Sous Vide ready

Product is packed in 400 degree vacuum packaging making sous vide prep a snap. After sous vide, hold the cooked product refrigerated or in steam until you are ready to finish and serve.

Buffets, Deli and QSR

  • Holds well in a steam pans
  • Remains juicy, tasty and appealing
  • No breading or coating to lose

Plated Events

  • Holds and travels well
  • Easy early prep and on-site finishing
  • Plate whole or sliced with sauce or plain


Add a great regular menu item or weekend special. Prepare smoked, baked or sous vide in advance and hold in steam until ordered. Finish with a broiler, oven or grill for golden brown bacon.

General handling and preparation

  • Treat this product as you would any raw, unprocessed turkey breast.
  • Thaw in refrigeration.
  • Use cook times and temperatures as you would an 8 oz unenhanced and whole muscle turkey breast.
  • When possible, we recommend cooking slower with lower heat to get the most out of your premium turkey and to reduce stuffing purge (Bake ~:40 at 375° / ~:60 at 325°).
  • Cook to a minimum internal temperature of 165°.