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Chef Ready Select – Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast with Baby Spinach and Parmesan Cheese Stuffing

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Marinated Poultry & Seafood

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Chef Ready Select – Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin with Pepper Jack Cheese Stuffing

We make our products to meet the demands of the foodies. We spend our time listening to our customers’ ideas and needs to develop amazing tasting food service solutions. Our products are delicious because we are foodies. We love food. We know you’ll love our food!

When we say our products are ‘handmade’, we mean all of the parts are created and assembled by hand just as you would do in your own kitchen. We’d like to think we’re your ‘kitchen’s kitchen’. Our skilled and loyal team cares about the look and taste of each product, but allows each to have its individual personality. Your consumers will know that these products were not mass-produced by machine. They’ll know that someone cared for each morsel.

We’d like to invite you to try our products. Contact us to request a sample package or arrange a cutting near you. We believe you’ll find our products to be a regular solution to your food service needs.